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  We are offering very advance CNG reducer which has various advance functionalities.  
Unitax cng reducer has a compact design with excellent engineering and we are following the ISO- 15500 international standard. Unitax CNG Reducer is an electronic control device which reduce the pressure of cng 200 bar to atmospheric pressure and allowing a regulator flow of gas every time according to engine requirement. it has 3 stages for reduction the pressure and internal safety valve with over pressure protection releasing excess gas in the feed circuit preventing external leakage and gas/water heat intercharger balance the temperature assuring the best gas supply despite of even climatic factors. it has highest reliability and excellent ideal stability.
Technical features  CNG Reducer
Use: Automotive (MPFI-Carburetor)
Kind of fuel: CNG
Function: three stages pressure reducer
Body: Aluminum alloy LM-6
Work pressure: 200 bar
Electric Feeding 12 VCC
Electric power: 13 W (solenoid)
Connection inlet: Raccord M12x1
Connection outlet: Hose Dia 20 mm
Pressure of 1° stage 4.5 bar
Pressure of 2° stage 1.5 bar
Capacity in power Up to 140 Hp
Heating Engine Coolant liquid